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Lemniscaat, founded in 1963, is a small, independent publishing house, specializing in quality picture books and juvenile novels. 

The richness of the European painting tradition is of great inspiration to our illustrators. Their work reflects the diversity and influence of great artists throughout the last centuries from all over the world. We are proud to present our picture book list as not just a remarkable Dutch list, but as a unique European list, as many different styles and influences are reflected as such.

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new titles

New titles spring 2018


Mark Janssen

Dive into an enchantingly watery world full of surprises

Shipwreck! A father, daughter and their dog wash up on a small island. Little do the castaways know that the island isn’t what it seems at all.

The island shows the family the wonders of life at sea. Colourful fish dart in the waves and birds swoop in the sky. Island life is full of the unexpected. The island protects the family against all kinds of dangers, from tropical storms to arctic snow. Menacing animals lurk underwater, too. The island has its own secret, too. Eventually, the family is rescued. And there’s a heart-warming surprise when the little girl says farewell to the large kind turtle – the real island – whose shell has provided the family with their happy island home.

Island is a wordless picture book. Children are encouraged to study the wonderful illustrations and tell the story in their own words. Mark Janssen’s painterly illustrations come alive on the page. Sun hits the water and sparkles. Splashes of paint become shoals of fish. This is a charming picture book full of imagination.

Rights sold: Fischer (Germany), Turbine (Denmark), UTOP Publishers (China), Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide

An eLephant's Memory

Wessel Sandtke & Jan Jutte

The memory champion of the Netherlands shares his gift in a picture book

Donkey is giving a party, but then discovers with a fright that his larder is almost empty. No worries: he can just stroll down to Elephant’s shop to do some shopping.

He makes a mental list of all he needs and sets off. Along the way he meets all sorts of friends who also need something from Elephant’s store, and of course Donkey promises to fetch those things for them.

But by the time he arrives at the shop, he has forgotten the whole shopping list... So he quicklyruns back to check with everyone what they needed – but again he has forgotten by the time he gets back to the shop. 

Fortunately, Elephant has a trick up his sleeve to help him remember.

Wessel Sandtke is famous for having a memory like an elephant. He can remember incredible amounts of information – and everyone can, as long as you learn some tricks. With that in mind he wrote his first cheerful – and for many people, very recognisable – picture book story, which the three-time winner of the Golden Slate Paintbrush, Jan Jutte, was eager to turn into a feast for the eyes in his typically colourful style.

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide

owlie marble

Maranke Rinck & Martijn van der Linden

Playing marbles has never been so much fun

Everyone has played with marbles at some point. But did you know that every marble is in fact a personality? There’s Sun ray and Zebra, Cat’s eye and Shark, Flamingo, Moon and Milkshake, and lots of other smooth rolling friends.

And now one more friend has joined the gang: it’s Owlie.

Everyone wants to play with Owlie, but not with the monsters that are hot on their heels. The result is a jolly bouncy marble adventure – where do you hide if you’re a marble? In the marble run? In the marble jar? Or do you slip out the gates? Read along and play along!Because the book is itself a marble pot.

Owlie Marble is an extraordinary and fabulously designed book that uniquely combines reading, looking and playing.

Rights sold: Yapi Kredi kültür (Turkey)

dinos don't exist

Mark Janssen

Go dinosaur hunting in a wonderful fold-out picture book

With his first picture book, Nothing Happened, Mark Janssen created quite a furore domestically and abroad.

Now, in the same bold and sparkling style, Mark presents a story about two brothers who set out to find dinosaurs. Or perhaps they're only pretending to, as the older brother repeatedly reassures the frightened younger brother, ‘Dinos don't exist!'

But the reader knows better. Fabulous fold-out pictures reveal how the brothers drift from one dangerous situation into another, for nothing is what it seems and the Great and Terrifying Dinos are actually everywhere.

This book of discovery is full of sensational shivers. And after reading it, you will always want to take a very close look at the things around you, because those trees... those
shapes... those bumps... might just as well be... dinosaurs!

Rights sold: Fischer ( Germany), Turbine (Denmark), Tomorrow (China), La Martin,iere (France), Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Gimm-Young (South-Korea)

square, round & triangular

Mies van Hout

Children's favourite game, peekaboo, in book form!

All small children love playing peekaboo. They can’t get enough of it. That same peekaboo game is the starting point for these three colourful fold-out board books.

When you first turn a page you just see ‘bare’ shapes. But every time, under the flap at the side, lurks – peekaboo!– a wonderful world populated by all kinds of creatures. Dogs, beetles, a grasshopper, an octopus: they’re all imaginative extrapolations from the basic shapes on the flap.

Each of the three books focuses on one category of shapes: triangular and zig-zag shapes, round and flowing shapes and square and angular shapes. The animals fit with the characteristics of the shapes. Square rhinoceroses storm enthusiastically towards their goal, triangular lobsters dance a spirited tango and a round elephant jumps dreamily in the air.

The longer you look at the pictures, the more you discover in them. Infants learn to recognize shapes through play. They’ll daydream about the extraordinary creatures, and just like in the real game, every time you shut the book they’ll shout: ‘Again!Again!’

Rights sold: Aracari (Switzerland), Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide

spurting arteries & flooding oceans

Jesse Goossens & Linde Faas

A joyful hands-on book for dealing with disasters great and small

Everyone knows about the Red Cross and the life-saving work this organization carries out worldwide. But what can you do yourself, at home or in your own neighbourhood, when disaster strikes?

Jesse Goossens has written a manual dealing with thirty-four disasters large and small, for everyone aged nine and up, and she's collected funny, gruesome and wonderful facts about every possible catastrophe. Because do you know how many bones you can break? How to resuscitate someone? How to tell a forest fire is coming, or how much blood your body's got in it? And what was the biggest earthquake ever?

Linde Faas has taken these facts and brought them together to create a sparkling, joyful whole, a book that's a pleasure to leaf through as well as an essential reference work for all children, young and old, who want to help make the world a better place.

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Can Sanat Yayinlari (Turkye)

look, rabits

Daphne Louter

A delightful non-verbal picture book to take you through the day and the year

The everyday life of Daphne Louter's twins inspired her to create this beautiful, intricate picture book that wordlessly tells the story of a boy rabbit and a girl rabbit, and their pet, the chicken. We follow the roguish duo throughout the day - and, as the day progresses, throughout the year as well.

The subtle colours, fine lines and countless details in the pictures give the book a timeless quality and are reminiscent of work by great British illustrators such as Beatrix Potter and John Tenniel. It won't come as a surprise to hear that Daphne won the 2014 Worldwide Picture Book Illustration Contest with the first pictures for this book.

The rabbit twins' house and garden are places young children will want to visit over and over again. There's so much to discover in every picture that each new visit is a delight. And can they find the objects that appear in every picture?

A book without words that tells a thousand stories.

Rights sold: Fischer (Germany), Turbine (Denmark), Il Castello (Italy), Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide


Anke de Vries & Piet Grobler

The most colourful of birds fly through this enchanting picture book

Antonia loves to sing – she is the Bianca Castafiore of the forest, who thinks of herself as a golden-voiced creature. When she starts to sing in the morning, all the animals groan – but it does rouse them from their slumbers. All the same, they would prefer to silence Antonia’s ‘divine’ voice.

One day Antonia decides she’s had enough and leaves. Only then do the animals notice what they are missing. They don’t wake up in the morning and somehow they even start missing that out-of-tune warbling.

Antonia returns in disguise and hears the animals praising her. So she decides to return to them for good. The next morning, her unique, inimitable voice wakes them all up again.

Piet Grobler, internationally known for his exquisite colourful birds, drew the illustrations in this delightful picture book by the grand old lady of Dutch children’s literature: Anke de Vries.

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Ueberreuter (Germany), Tomorrow Publ. (China), Brinque-Book (Brasil)

this is yours

Sanne te Loo

The greatest gift for a child is to have a room of their own...

Of all things imaginable, I liked drawing the most.
However, a sheet of paper was way too small for me. 
And in the streets, people would walk over my drawings.

One day – when it is raining so hard that the drawings are washed from the sidewalk – a man walks by. He is Anselmo, an old painter. He offers the young artist shelter in his house. Anselmo comes from a parrot island and makes enchanting paintings. Between Anselmo and the young artist a wonderful friendship blossoms… until the day Anselmo decides to return to his island.

For a moment, a dream seems to fall apart. But Anselmo has taken care of the young artist’s future!

Sanne te Loo made a moving tribute to people who value children.

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Turbine (Denmark)

tangram cat

Maranke Rinck & Martijn van der Linden

Play magic with tangram! Tangram included

A boy plays with tangram. He uses the pieces to lay a cat - a wonderful cat of course; you can leave that up to Martijn van der Linden. But the cat feels lonely...

Suddenly I understood the cat.
‘You want someone to play with!' I said.
The cat still didn't say anything.
But I knew I was right.

Now tangram isn't easy. The boy thinks he's laying down a new cat, but it turns out to be a dog, which chases after the cat. A new try turns out to be a crocodile - not what you would call a nice friend!
The cat has to put up with a lot before the boy gets a really good idea. He lays down himself! Now they can play together.

Artist couple Martijn and Maranke constantly reinvent themselves. In Tangram Cat, they surpass themselves yet again. All pictures in the book can be made with the tangram game that is included at the back.

Rights sold: Tomorrow Publ. (China),Ekaré (Spain/Venezuela), Kaleidoscope (France), Il Castello (Italy) Sincap Yayincilik (Turkey) Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide

i want a lion!

Annemarie van der Eem & Marks Janssen

A child asks for a lion as a pet – and gets exactly what he wants!

With Nothing Happened Mark Janssen took the picture-book world by storm. Now Annemarie van der Eem has written a story that’s absolutely made for him.

One day Sjuul woke up.
It was quiet in the house. 
And actually rather boring. 
Suddenly he knew: he wanted an animal. 
A pet. 

And he knew what kind of animal too…

The animals emerging from Sjuul’s imagination leap from the pages. Grinning and gaping, parent and child will read this book together. And it’s obvious what will be the first thing said after the last page is turned: ‘Mum, dad... I want a lion!’

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Fischer ( Germany), Turbine (Denmark), Il Castello (Italy) Tomorrow (China), Woongjin Think Big Co. Ltd. (South-Korea)



my grandma is a stork

Alice Hoogstad

For all very normal children with crazy grandparents

Meet a colourful family of animals. Aunt, uncle, father, mother, brother and sister, and the main character himself, of course, have all sorts of happy, colourful attributes, hobbies, traits and exterior features of their granddads and grandmas – and of each other.

The colourful animals are introduced in a masterly Hoogstad way: the large colourful pictures, together with all sorts of detailed drawings, allow you learn everything about them. No matter how often you read the book, you will always discover something new. Have you figured out for each family member where they got which characteristic? And can you find the family member on each page?

Rights sold: Fischer ( Germany), Tomorrow Publ. (China), Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide



chap wants company

Ted van Lieshout & Ingrid and Dieter Schubert

A little boy goes looking for a friend... and finds a giant

In captivating rhyme, Ted van Lieshout writes the story of Chap, a little boy who longs for a friend. But when he finds a friend at last, his mother doesn’t want him in the house. You must admit, it is a bit clumsy, a giant like that…

‘Mama, do you have a minute? 
This is my best friend. 
Don’t you think that he can stay? 
It will be cosy with the five of us!’

Mom says: ‘Don’t be silly. 
We have no place in our house. 
We have no room in our house 
for something this big and evil! 
Get it out!Right now!’

‘But then where should my best friend go?’

Chap tries to hide his big friend, but he has to give in. And it comes to worse: as soon as they’re outside another giant arrives, looking for his friend. Will Chap lose his newly-found friend?

Ingrid and Dieter Schubert have drawn a landscape filled with pictorial and artistic jokes. The young reader will follow Chap across coloured pages full of surprise discoveries.


nothing happened

Mark Janssen

An ode to the endless imagination of every child

It is evening. Sarah and Nick are thinking about their dull day. Nothing happened, really…

Well… Nick did stand on his hands, went for a swim and sat around for a bit – and Sarah caught a glimpse of a butterfly and went down a slide. 
But this is where the magic of children’s imagination emerges – dreamily illustrated by Mark Janssen. For the handstand was made on the head of a tiger. Nick took a rest on the nose of an enormous dragon and swam with colourful fish. And Sarah slid down an elephant’s trunk and saw the butterfly while she was standing among some really cuddly bears.

With Sarah and Nick, you slip back into the world where you also used to walk home with lions and sang higher than the brightly coloured tropical birds.

A delightfully cheerful book that sparkles with fantasy and erases all boundaries between dream and daily reality. A must-have for every child – and for every parent who remembers being one.

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Fischer ( Germany), Turbine (Denmark), Il Castello (Italy) Tomorrow (China), Skaznavulka DOOEL (Macedonia), Silcheonmunhak Co. Ltd. (South-Korea), Can Sanat Yayinlari (Turkye)


Mies van Hout

Take a fun-filled journey through the worlds of the artist of Happy

Two friends take a fun, fantastical trip to the playground through Mies van Hout’s amazing art. Climb through the trees, find the way across the crocodile-infested river, and bushwhack through the blackberries, feel your way through the dark cave, escape from the monster, and slide into safety on your way to the jungle gym.

Note a special treat: a new creature joins the children from each landscape, contributing to an ever-lengthening parade to the playground in this fun and interactive book. They might become too inspired!

Rights sold: Lemniscaat USA, Aracari (Switzerland), Fondo de Cultura (Mexico), Il Castello (Italy), Silcheonmunhak Co. Ltd. (South-Korea), Tomorrow (China), Forteller Forlagid (Norway)

bert, get off the crane!

Tjibbe Veldkamp & Alice Hoogstad

Bert causes mayhem on the building site but surprisingly he’s also the hero of the day!

Every day, Bert stands behind the fence of the building site and watches the steamroller, the cement truck and the crane in action. Bert would really like to drive the big machines himself. One day, he does and flattens a car with the steamroller, pours concrete on the road and even hoists a police car up by the crane!But surprisingly Bert is the hero of the day and deserves a reward. This is a picture book with a clever visual sub-plot. As soon as you reach the end, go back to the beginning to find all the picture clues and see Bert foil a bank robbery. There’s so much for children to enjoy – the detailed illustrations of the machines in action, the chaos and of course the clever back-to-front solving of the mystery. 

Rights sold: Bokforlaget Opal AB (Sweden), Bokadeildin (Faeröer Islands), Afûk (Friesland), Il Castello (Italy), Tomorrow Publishing (China) Turbine (Denmark), Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Froebel-kan Co. Ltd (Japan), Danchu Publishing Company (South-Korea)

Cola Fountains & Splattering Paint Bombs

Jesse Goossens & Linde Faas

Dozens of fun do-it-yourself experiments for children and parents

Bring science home with this colourful collection of science experiments using everyday household items.

Turn your home or garden into a laboratory and create paint bombs and elephant toothpaste, let crystals grow, volcanoes erupt and cds fly, build your own lava lamp, and discover how you can bounce an egg.

Jesse Goossens has collected 47 spectacular, exciting and sensational experiments with clear instructions and helpful information. Illustrator Linde Faas has exploded her palette to introduce even more giggles. The result is a festive book for budding inventors and other sorcerer's apprentices.

Adult supervision recommended - (grand)parents and teachers will have as much fun as the children!

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Can Sanat Yayinlari, Turkye

the umbrella

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

A picture book that will colour your world in many ways

On a windy day, a little dog finds an umbrella in the garden. Just when the dog picks up the umbrella, it catches the wind and pulls the dog up into the sky. This is the start of a fantastic journey around the world.

The wind carries the umbrella and the dog all over the world, from the desert to the sea, from the jungle to the North Pole. . .

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Fischer ( Germany), Turbine (Denmark), Il Castello (Italy) Tomorrow (China), Kachelly Publishing (Russia), Escarlate (Brazil), Kuraldisi Publishing (Turkey), Haesol Publishing.(South-Korea),
Rights returned: Editions Mijade (France)

Monster Book

Alice Hoogstad

A picture book that will colour your world in many ways

Alice Hoogstad's latest picture book creates a world without words yet filled with stories.
In a town that consists entirely of black and white, a girl adds colour with her crayons by drawing monsters on the streets. The colourful monsters come alive and start disrupting the quiet little town.

The beautiful illustrations, with their many intricate details, instantly draw you into the story. The explosion of colours that follows will boggle your mind and keep you coming back for more.

Beware - you'd better keep the colour crayons out of your children's reach after reading this book . . . They might become too inspired!

Rights sold: Lemniscaat Ltd. English Worldwide, Maria JannarelliI Estudio Editorial(Brazil), Aracari (Switzerland), Turbine (Denmark), Il Castello (Italy) Tomorrow (China), Alfakitap (Turkey), Gongsjackso (South-Korea)

The other rabit - including a memo game

Maranke Rink & Martijn van der Linden

Everyone knows the popular children’s memory game in which the goal is to find as many matching images as possible among a series of picture cards placed face-down on the table.
The Other Rabbit begins with a mass of such playing cards. The first card to be turned over is Rabbit.

In a world where everyone has a counterpart, Rabbit is searching for the Other Rabbit.He flies through the air, walks across land, travels across the sea but still cannot find him. Finally, he learns that the Other Rabbit is on another island and that the dragon who lives there won’t let him leave because he is afraid of feeling lonely. Rabbit comes up with the perfect solution and no one is lonely any more.

Rabbit’s quest, as described by Maranke Rinck, is both refreshing and funny. The story is accompanied by bright, eye-catching illustrations created by Rinck’s husband Martijn van der Linden.

Rights sold: Lemniscaat USA, Tomorrow (China), ) Sincap Yayincilik (Turkey), La Martiniere Jeunesse (France), Changbi (South-Korea), Skaznavulka DOOEL (Macedonia)

Holland & A Thousand Things about Holland

Charlotte Dematons

Nederland + Duizend dingen over NederlandAn unprecedented elaborated I Spy book full of breathtaking details

Holland - a land full of surprises, strange traditions, free-spirited people and a rich history.

Charlotte Dematons, known for her well-loved picture book The Yellow Balloon, grew up in France, but moved to the Netherlands to study art as so many have before her. With the eye of an outsider but a warm heart for the country that became her new home, Charlotte Dematons paints with a keen eye for the detail for everything that makes The Netherlands so Dutch.

The idiosyncrasies that make Holland so unique are revealed: from pensionada in unisex rain jackets on their bikes to a grandmother with her walker, skating on the ice, between the scenes of Avercamp, Bruegel and Bosch - and of course the multicultural Dutch society revealed and celebrated with wit and warmth.

Holland is accompanied by a companion paperback (sold separately) explaining all details of every amazing picture, making this book both an I Spy book and an armchair travel guide for anyone already fond of this small country of tulips, windmills and so much more.

Nederland - molen

Tiny Mouse

Janis Ian
Illustrated by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

Piepkleine muis

A songwriter since she wrote "Society's Child" at the age of 14 and a multiple Grammy winner for "At Seventeen," Janis Ian's charming and witty song has now become a picture book illustrated by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert.

Tiny Mouse follows the adventures of a bored mouse who decides to go to sea and narrowly escapes a grisly death. In his moment of truth, he understands that it's better to be a whole mouse at home than someone's dinner at sea.

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert, creators of The Umbrella and many other picture books, give the tiny mouse his dapper and affable appearance and bring his perilous adventures to life with plenty of sly humor.

Piepkleine muis

Springende pinguinsJumping Penguins

Marije Tolman

Little known yet fascinating facts about animals brought to life by the artist behind The Tree House and The Island.

If a camel gets angry, he will throw up green gastric juice over you.
A sloth moves so slowly that green algae grows in his fur.
Even a blind chameleon takes the color of its surroundings.

Bologna Ragazzi Award winner Marije Tolman, creator of The Tree House and The Island, illustrates in her distinctive style curious, funny, bizarre, unbelievable, disgusting and weird facts about fifty different animals. The animal facts are straightforward nonfiction, Marije Tolman's illustrations are pure fantasy, creating a combination that is sure to engage readers.

After reading and watching Jumping Penguins a visit to the zoo will never be the same.

IJsbeer Springende pinguins


Mies van Hout


The most wonderful book for anyone who carries a child, or already has one...

Better even than Friends, more touching even than Happy, we bring you: Surprise.
From hoping and expecting to caring, from playing to finally letting go, Mies van Hout has created a picture book that will elicit smiles from every parent or parent-to-be.
The book has everything: enchantment, beautiful wonder and a slight undertone of melancholy. It is the beauty of life created in the inimitable style of Mies van Hout: vulnerable and yet strong as life itself.



Mathilde Stein & Dorine de Vos

Poor Pernilla! There she sits, high in her tower, guarded by a dragon and with boring embroidery as her sole distraction. "Be patient and wait until you're saved, so you can get married." Thus commanded her father the king. That's the way a decent princess should live.
There are a lot of knights who would like to save Pernilla, but she has other plans. A fairy tale turned upside down.


Bij ons in het circusThe circus is about to begin!

Koos Meinderts
Illustrated by Annette Fienieg

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages!
We proudly present: The Circus of Meinderts and Fienieg!

The playful rhymes of Koos Meinderts and bright large prints of Annette Fienieg have proven to be a golden combination in On My Street.
In The Circus Is About to Begin the ringmaster announces his wide selection of animals. From the Living Penguin Cannonball to the knife throwing fox, the animals and their acts are the shining centerpiece of the circus.

A variety show that will cheer you up.

Bij ons in het circus kanon Bij ons in het circus Sushi

De schoenen van de zeemeermin

The Mermaid's Shoes

Sanne te Loo

Walking on the beach during the last day of her vacation, Ida finds something extraordinary: the shoes of a mermaid (which in fact are scuba flippers).

When Ida puts the mermaid's shoes on her feet, she knows that she has found her true destiny: she's actually a mermaid. She makes herself a stunning mermaid tail and goes in search of a place where a mermaid can feel like a fish in water.

It takes a while, but finally she finds an equally surprising as enchanting, perfect home for a mermaid. 

De schoenen van de zeemeermin

Boelie's Christmas Device

Mathilde Stein & Chuck Groenink

Boelie the piglet has been living in a cabin in the woods for years now. Every year he prepares Santa a warm welcome: he makes a drawing, he bakes Christmas cookies, he sings Christmas songs ... but every year Santa's sleigh flies over his cabin without stopping. In a last desperate attempt to have a proper Christmas, Boelie builds a structure that Santa will not be able to ignore. And it works...

It will be a Christmas to remember.

Boelies kerstplan


Cees Kranen & Paula Gerritsen

A girl meets a snowman. It's the beginning of a wonderful friendship that everyone knows will not be able to last. Yet you keep hoping, because the two are clearly made for each other. The friendship is
intense, maybe even more so because of the inevitable finiteness.
And the end comes.
But the love remains.



Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

Gewoon gek

In Opposites, the Schuberts have a blast as they present contrasts far beyond big and small. Best of all, the Schuberts let their imaginations fly as high as a crocodile - or perhaps flying crocodiles only happen in Schubert books? A multitude of details will ensure requests for repeat readings.

'A dozen two-page spreads illustrate simple antonyms: big and small, hide and seek, naughty and nice, and more. The pictures are full of mischief. ... Compositionally, these spreads are not for beginners; although the gutter clearly defines the division between opposites, the illustrations typically depict one landscape, and the many animals scattered across them require fairly sophisticated eyes.

Good fun for older preschoolers and early-elementary children eager to flex their conceptual muscles.'

-Kirkus Reviews

En hoe komt toch een olifantHow much does the gray in an elephant weigh?

Erik van Os, Elle van Lieshout and Alice Hoogstad

When you visit at the zoo,
Do you wonder like I do . . .
Why does a giraffe have spots of brown,
And do zebra's stripes go up, or down?

The wonder and variety of various zoo animals is explored in this book as full of questions as Kipling's Elephant's Child. From an elephant to a peacock, a rhinoceros to a flamingo, an inquisitive child and his grandfather visit and ponder each animal. 

oN MY Street

Koos Meinderts & Annette Fienieg

Bij ons in de straatAt No. 1, Mrs. McQueen

Her house is large and painted green,
And inside there resides a Queen,
With royal ears and regal chin,
She always wears a noble grin.

For every child born to one of her friends, Annette Fienieg used to make a colorfully decorated tee shirt featuring a character you would fall in love with.

Now it is time to introduce those creations - Mrs. McQueen Fifi LaPointe, Johnny Deck, Lightfingers Louie and more-- to a wider audience. In Our Street is an indestructible big format board book that will survive countless trips down the street and back again.

The Tree House

Ronald & Marije Tolman

2010 Winner of the Ragazzi Prize for Fiction at the Bologna International Children's Book Festival

2011 Outstanding International Best Book of the Year, The United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY)

'The Tree House is a wise, clear, even poetic, example of how an established topos of the collective imagination may be revisited with a fresh eye to reveal a continued relevance to modern times... The book's message is not declaimed, but is conveyed quietly. It pleads for an enlightened ecological stance in which an intense awareness that we are part of nature does not forego our need for elegance and intellectual enquiry.'
- Jury of the Ragazzi Prize for Fiction at the Bologna International Children's Book Festival

'A wordless picture book, breathtaking in its beauty, scope, and originality. ... Fellow illustration junkies, come to me now, and let me tell you that this book is a wonder. Gorgeous is what it is. The colors, the lines, the wide open spaces, the space the Tolmans give this book to breathe, the compositions...I could go on. There is also much humor and affection in this wordless story. It's one of the most beautiful, winning picture books I've seen in a long while. Each spread is a wonder. I never tire of this one.'
-7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"Imbued with quiet effervescence, this wordless picture book imagines a child-sized paradise in which dreamy scenes unfold one after another ... Readers of all ages will want to return to this treasure box of images again and again"
- Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

De boomhut

The Island

Ronald & Marije Tolman

Het eiland"Like a young girl I saw recently in a bookstore, I just run my hands over each page and say, 'This is so beautiful.'"

A polar bear descends from the clouds and stands on an island with a flock of penguins; he journeys from place to place, swimming with dolphins, riding on the back of a hippo and eventually connecting with a violin-playing raccoon. Having found what he was looking for, a companion or art itself, the bear settles down to watch the stars with his friend.

The entire story in this oversize book is told in double-page spreads. The natural landscape looms large, and the animals small, in each painting. Cool blues of sky and water verge into sun-drenched reds when African animals appear. An abstract structure, possibly a lighthouse, dominates many of the images. Dodo birds appear, suggesting a thread about the environment or the extinction of species. Each reader will have a different version of what occurs, but the pictures and the bear's journey beg to be returned to again and again.

For anyone who wants to develop visual acuity in children, "The Island" provides a springboard for conversation, reminding all ages of the wonder and magnificence of the natural world. And it demonstrates that we don't always need words to support an amazing visual experience."
- The New York Times Book Review

Het eiland

Wie heeft de dikste billen

Who Has the biggest bottom?

Marijke ten Cate, author of Where is my sock?

This silly circus celebrates that everyone has something special!

A backyard cross between a circus and a county fair. Who has the most pointy nose? The longest ears? The dirtiest hands? The biggest  bottom? The readers are the winners as each animal is recognized individually and then all together in one splendid celebratory spread.



Mies van Hout

The fish stand out in vibrant colors, showing a spectrum of emotions - from happy to sad, from angry to surprise - for the youngest book lovers to discover.

Clear, strong lines and radiant colors that seem to smile at the reader characterize Mies van Hout's drawings.  In Happy, Mies shows all the emotions a young child encounters. Each double page spread is devoted to one fish, showing a particular emotion with its name  in lettering that expresses the same feeling. Swim into Happy where the dazzling fish sparkle against the dark background and let the images spark laughter and empathy.

'a delightful amuse-bouche of a book'
- Publishers Weekly, starred review

" Mies van Hout's Happy is a tour de force of underwater awesomeness and emotion, showcasing what an artist can do with a few pastels, black paper and something fundamental to express...On the last page, a gloriously plump whalelike creature surges upward, ending the book with a surprising sense of closure: "delighted." No reader could feel otherwise.'
- The New York Times Book Review

"The line, color, and texture make each page a pleasure to return to, and each single word is fully expressed in its corresponding picture. Along with the azure-and-sky-blue ovoid fish at the end, readers will pronounce themselves, in yellow, white and green letters, 'delighted.'"
- Kirkus




Mies van Hout

A monstrously beautiful book in the style of Happy

Happy was an international hit that showed off Mies van Hout's uncanny ability to convey feelings with her vibrant illustrations.

With Friends she goes one step further and shows emotional interactions. Just as she made the fish of Happy uniquely hers, here she uses monsters to show different situations - they cuddle, laugh, play, but they also fight, tease and more - making the images recognizable for little monsters of all ages.


Valentine and his Violin

Philip Hopman

'The tale of Valentine, a cherubic young lad. Violin in hand, Valentine plays highfalutin melodies like "Ode to Joy" and the "Marche Militaire." Unfortunately, Valentine is a bad violinist - teeth-clenching, cats-hissing, plates-breaking, nails-on-a-chalkboard bad. So bad that the townspeople send him packing, much to his naïve surprise.

The art is absolutely gorgeous. Hopman's graceful watercolor illustrations have a sophisticated pastel palette and dynamic compositions. Each page is filled with detail: the diversity of animals running from the boy's excruciating music, the lush landscapes with cleverly hidden extras (the Statue of Liberty, a Venetian gondola), the delicate scribbles of forest foliage. Hopman does wonders with the most sketchy of lines; two dots and a squiggle, and voilà: a face in exquisite auditory agony.'
- The New York Times Book Review

Valentijn en zijn viool

The Snowgirl

Koos Meinderts & Annette Fienieg

The Winterqueen has one wish: a daughter. The Snow Ghost fulfills her wish. He gives her a beautiful girl that dances and sparkles through life. But the price the Snow Ghost demands is high. One day he will be back to claim the little girl. And that is exactly what happens, the queen is filled with grief and the winter has never lasted this long. Will the Snowgirl ever come back to her mother to thaw out her frozen heart?

This winter fairy tale is one that makes each heart melt. Annette Fienieg made enchanting images that bring the fairytale to life.

Het sneeuwmeisje

Miss V. Stitchtite and the seven scoundrels

Astonishing debut of artist Dorine de Vos, to a story by Mathilde Stein

An entertaining and comical story by Mathilde Stein that gallops along as rhythmically as the horses of her scoundrels, seven badly behaved robbers, who are off to rob a stagecoach. But they have not bargained for their next victim, Miss V. Stitchtite, expert in good manners, intolerant of rudeness. Determined to teach the scoundrels their manners, she succeeds in turning them into tidy, well behaved young men. The story has a surprising ending.

Juffrouw Van Zanten en de zeven rovers

It's raining sunlight

Annette Fienieg & Koos Meinderts

Annette Fienieg and Koos Meinderts have worked together in the past, but always Annette made her illustrations after Koos had finished his poems. For this book they switched roles. Annette made her illustrations first and Koos made his poems afterwards. The result: a creative and imaginative book. Annette's illustrations are refined and elegant. A remarkable ensemble!


Miss C. Mouse is having babies

Elle van Lieshout, Erik van Os & Marije Tolman

A new volume in the Miss C. Mouse series. Both text and illustrations are recognizable and funny. For her illustrations in Miss C. Mouse finds a perfect home Marije Tolman received a Vlag en Wimpel 2008, the most important recommendation award for children's books in The Netherlands.
Miss C. Mouse is having babies is a wannahave for all expecting mums and dads.


The Umbrella

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

A wordless picture book that tells a thousand tales

A little dog finds an umbrella in the garden on a windy day. The moment the dog picks up the umbrella, it catches the wind and pulls the dog skywards. This is the start of a fantastic journey around the world.
The wind carries the umbrella and the dog all over the world, from the desert to the sea, from the jungle to the North Pole.

2012 Outstanding International Best Book of the Year, USBBY

'A marvelous treat for the senses; masterful drafting and splendid color make every spread worth lingering over.'
- Publishers Weekly

'All of the double-spread pages of this wordless picture book are filled with movement and light ... As with many great picture books "The Umbrella'' hides images within images ... There is plenty of room for imagination here, and great beauty besides.'
- Boston Globe


Fly with the Umbrella

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

Color your own adventure!

The Schubert couple also made Fly with the Umbrella, a book full of inviting sketches, yet to be finished and colored. What can be nicer for a child than to create his very own picture book?