About us

Lemniscaat is one of the oldest and most well known children’s book publishers in Holland. Founded in 1963 and still independent today, Lemniscaat represents a unique, high quality list of authors and illustrators.
Lemniscaat publishes a rich and internationally appealing collection. Award winning fiction and picture books reflect the colourful and inspiring international heritage the Dutch, at the crossroads of Europe, are famous for. A strong list of beautiful and engaging books for all ages. The wide variety of authors and illustrators published at Lemniscaat are rewarded nationally and internationally for their high quality work.

Our authors and illustrators are inspired by artists from all over the world. The Lemniscaat list is not a typical Dutch list, it is a reflection of the colourful European heritage. Our illustrators are inspired by great artists as Van Gogh, Seurat, Vermeer, Mirò and Picasso. Through picture books, Lemniscaat opens the doors to this enchanting rich European culture.
Lemniscaat is an internationally established publisher, selling rights to a broad range of publishers worldwide and also buying them from all over the world. Throughout the years, unique publishing relationships have been established to widespread the Lemniscaat list beyond borders.

For all information, please contact Robin van der Gaag.

For more information on our picture books, visit www.lemniscaat.co.uk

The following agencies are representing our list in the following countries and language territories:


Kalem Agency
Göksun Bayraktar
Asmalimescit Mahallesi
Sehbender Sokak No.18/6
Beyoglu 34430


Japan UNI Agency, Inc.
Tokyodo-Jinbocho No.2 Bldg, 5F
1-27 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0051, Japan
Tel: 81-3-3295-0301
Fax: 81-3-3294-5173

Toppan Printing Company America, Inc.
650 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019-6108
Tel: 212-489-7740, ext. 103
Fax: 212-969-9349


Lemniscaat has decided to work with only one agency for our fiction titles, and with one agency for our picture books in Korea. This way we can better keep track of our titles and your needs.

Momo Agency
Geenie Han/Literary Agent
102 – #804 BlenHeim APT
517 Mangwon 2 Dong, Mapo-gu,
Seoul 121-232, Korea

Tel : 82-(0)2-337-8606
Fax : 82-(0)2-337-8702
Mobile : 82-(0)10-9081-9865 
e-mail : geeniehan@mmagency.co.kr

BC Agency
Camille PARK
add 5F Sunghwa B/D,
Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu,
Seoul 121-841 Korea

tel +82 2 3143 2896
fax +82 2 3143 2833