Plastic Soup / Engelse editie

Jesse Goossens

A vast amount of plastic waste - twice the size of the United States - is floating in the Pacific Ocean.  Welcome to the Great Pacific Garbage Path: the Plastic Soup.

Plastic is an incredible material we can't do without, but it also creates the biggest pollution problem imaginable.  This is something Jesse Goossens discovers during her travels and conversations across the United States and Europe.  Her blogs and interviews are shocking, fascinating and dismaying.  In this full-color book, she uncovers the effects of plastic waste on our health and on the environment, not only in the Pacific Ocean, but everywhere on earth.


'Jesse Goossens' important book dramatically illustrates the effect we have had...We need to understand that we are part of a grand ecosystem which we share with all other life on Earth.' - H R H Princess Irene (in the Preface)

Formaat: 24,5 x 24,5 cm | paperback | prijs: € 24,99 | isbn: 9789047702061 | nur: 248
Jesse Goossens


Jesse Goossens

Jesse Goossens is schrijfster, vertaalster en uitgever kinder- en jeugdboeken van Lemniscaat. Ze schrijft onder meer non-fictie voor kinderen, waarin ze haar verwondering over de wereld om zich heen probeert te delen.

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